Developing Effective Video Marketing Campaigns

Creating relevant and engaging content for users has evolved using video marketing campaigns. After filming and editing a video, businesses are faced with captivating an audience through a well-developed video marketing campaign.  Marketing campaigns for specific initiatives can be treated in the same fashion as launching a new product. It is important to focus on leveraging your current network and develop new relationships outside of this to maximize effectiveness.  

Selecting Your Media Outlets

Selecting the right outlets is key when searching for a channel that yields the greatest results. Begin by measuring the readership of a network and how relevant your messaging is to that network.  After an initial assessment, consider the relationships, connections and reach within that network. Do you have access to stakeholders that can amplify your reach and generate interest in your message? Explore various approaches to network and compare the different platforms in terms of market effectiveness.  Once you captivate an audience and begin to collect personal information, build a list that allows for you to engage via email newsletter or drip campaigns from interested prospects.

Narrowing Your Audience

Your video message should align with other interests and markets of your intended user. If you aren’t sure what that is browse similar videos and determine the relevant blogs, video channels and publications within your niche.  Once you’ve collected this information, create a spreadsheet that organizes the publications, URLs, authors and other relevant content from the authors. Review their audience on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and follow similar content.  This allows for you to share information prior to launching your video campaign similar in nature and grow your numbers before the official launch. Research the behaviors of these followers to develop a posting strategy and schedule. Continue to monitor the information collected in your spreadsheet and select thought leaders that you would like to engage with prior to your video launch. Offer to share their content and build rapport with each content provider. Once a relationship is established, inform the content provider of your upcoming video campaign and request they share this information with their network.  

Maximize Your Network

In addition to engaging other content providers and their network, you should be building up your own active network.  Engage friends, families, and colleagues to contribute to your video marketing efforts. Involve them in providing feedback through social media outreach and email campaigns.  When using your network, it is still important to segment to deliver a message that resonates with the different contact categories for influencers, close friends, work relationships or acquaintances. Develop landing pages based on the audience groups and test the response from each group.  The landing pages will help sustain interest and promote your video before release. If you don’t have time to create effective web pages for your campaign, Tech Treats is an easy vendor to engage. After the release of your video, it’s important to provide additional points of engagement to discuss topics related to the content as well as provide follow-up details to future releases.