Why would a small business require internal and external applications? And why develop them when there is already a significant amount of applications available for managing outside of the organizations.  If you are a small business looking to scale in the future, acquiring new applications for a monthly fee per employee can be costly. With systems like Zoho One it would make sense to utilize their interim ERP, but you must consider what would the most valuable approach for your organization.  External applications are available for users that need to access information, products and service relevant to your brand.

When you develop your external applications, you naturally want to address all your users’ needs and pain points that brought them to you in the first place. The app development process for brands is very personal when considering the user interface and how to increase engagement, conversion and reduce the potential for churn.  Application development is integral for the way current users behave with over 90% of telecommunications conducted through mobile devices, it’s important to strategize around this. As women and men have shown to understand the efficacy around mobile access with over 80% of the population actively engaging the time is now to consider every approach for keeping users happy with external application developments.

Internal Applications

Internal applications for organization are equally important as the external application development for users. Providing efficiency in the tools and strategies employees and contracts have access to will allow for them to increase valuable interactions between consumers and prospects. For example, for a sales team to have access via mobile to CRM updates, customer emails and any other communication channels will allow for them to collaborate in real time within reason. Further to other possible internal applications, employees benefit immensely from being able access benefits, schedules, and time tracking capabilities from home with the ability to communicate on a digital interface that allows for full transparency and understanding of an individual’s commitments and off time as well.

Strategizing Application Development

To successfully implement new application development on externally and internally, it’s pertinent to have a well-defined project scope, with a statement of work that communicates the background to the problem, project definition, deliverables, risk and mitigation strategy and a work breakdown strategy.   Understanding the improvements that will occur because of the application development and what is required is the only way to guarantee project success. Evaluating current applications and system involved in the engagement will also foster a process-oriented environment for seamless integration. To fully understand the implications for an application development and ease the integration process, engage a technical expert at Tech Treats, LLC.