Tech Treats is your one-stop-shop for online digital marketing. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we can provide you with the tools your business needs to compete in the 21st century. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing a few key marketing elements that our digital marketing company can provide. Keep reading to learn more!

Our Online Marketing Services

We want to give business owners the tools they need to reach the most customers. These days, that means creating a hefty online presence. Below, we’ve outlined a few of our internet marketing services.

Business App Creation

Smartphone users have an average of 60-90 apps on their phone at any given time. Ideally, one of those apps will be yours. If you think that app creation requires a team of computer scientists and months of development, you might want to think again! At Tech Treats, you can create a business app in a matter of hours with no coding required. Your app can allow customers to schedule appointments, accrue loyalty points, redeem offers, leave reviews, make reservations, and so much more.

Spokesmodel And Explainer Videos

Spokesmodels help you to develop a brand voice that customers can trust. Big-name companies use spokesmodels frequently in their marketing strategies. A few examples you have likely seen on your TV in the last week alone are the “Allstate Guy,” Flo from Progressive, and the “Can you hear me now? Guy,” formerly of Verizon Wireless and now working with their competitor, Sprint. These are faces that have come to represent a business. Even though you might not know their names, these spokesmodels feel like old friends that you can rely on.

At Tech Treats, we can help you create explainer videos with spokesmodels to represent your business. All we need is a script and your choice of any of our talented actors to make this a reality. We can also create lively 2D animated videos to explain something about your company to your customers or make promotional videos for upcoming events. Learn more about our video marketing service!

Chatbot Creation and Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots for businesses can interact with customers, give them important information, and converse in a lifelike manner. While a chatbot might seem like a complicated endeavor, our intuitive platform allows you to set up your chatbot within minutes. Let a chatbot handle the frequently asked questions so you can focus on running your business.

Business Website Creation

Think of your website as a salesperson that works 24/7/365. You want your website to convey what your business does, why a potential customer needs your service, and how they can close the deal. Tech Treats can help you create a modern business website that does just that. We can assist you in developing a powerful web presence that gives your customers everything they need to go from a potential customer to a lifelong client.

SMS Text Message Marketing

Smartphone users use texting as a main mode of communication. People text to make plans with friends and to make business deals, to schedule doctors appointments and to send out party invitations. There’s not much that you cannot communicate or achieve through a simple text message, and incorporating text message marketing into your digital marketing plan can help reach a wide audience for a low cost. You can use our mass texting service to tell customers about new products, give them a special discount code, or remind them to schedule a service or appointment. When you use Tech Treats for your text message marketing, we’ll set you up with 5,000 free texts on us! Learn about more ways to save money on SMS marketing services by getting in touch!

See Why We’re So Much More Than A Digital Marketing Company

At Tech Treats, we think that small- and medium-sized businesses shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to create an online presence and garner digital marketing results. Our digital marketing services are designed to give you the tools you need to help your business grow in a cost-effective manner. When you work with us, you can count on having not just a digital marketing service, but a digital marketing partner. We’re always here to help you work out a problem and make the most of your online presence.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our digital marketing services can help your business grow.