Data-driven decision making using artificial intelligence and machine learning has allowed small businesses to reap the same benefits of automation as large corporations. Full deployment of AI within a business is not necessary, small businesses can affordably disrupt their brand and genuinely reach their buyers conveniently.

Implementing sustainable marketing practices through autonomous systems and tools, has created a transformational approach to engaging an audience around a product or service. Automation has enhanced the abilities of small businesses to continuously add value without exhausting effort and resources. AI has proven advantageous to the internal processes and systems required to create effective social marketing campaigns with a lot less experimentation and faster iteration using predictive analytics.

Improve Buyer Communications

One of the easiest ways to enhance your capabilities as a small business is to consider utilizing chatbots inside of your current social networks. With the rise of chatbots and billions of messages sent each month on various social channels – competitors doing the same will capitalize on your market before you do. The ability to automate messaging systems and provide updates allow for growth and consistency in buyer communications. For example, answering manual questions requires stakeholders to clearly communicate the same answers to frequently accessed questions by referencing an FAQ or internal guide every time a question is asked. In addition, it requires a customer support specialist on staff part-time or even full-time to monitor these requests.

Not only do chatbots reduce the chance of human error, it reduces the costs of human resources overhead. AI exposes untapped potential in allocating resources to important activities. In opening new possibilities, you can create memorable user interactions with a lot less work and a lot more customer satisfaction. Using AI with social marketing to enhance manual activities, engage and utilizing data optimization tools can easily put you ahead of your competitors still engaging in traditional marketing activities.

Building Buyer Trust and Rapport Effectively

Building trust and rapport with buyers in the past has resulted in extensive resource waste and misallocated opportunity costs to many small businesses. Traditionally, new businesses would and still do invest excessively into advertising on social networks, Google AdWords, billboards and campaign mailers before having the ability to segment an audience through advanced data insights. With AI, marketing budgets aren’t a headache for new business owners.

The rise of social trend research through influencer communities, small businesses have been able to leverage the market response for decision making. Conveniently, market insights are already available from the billions of social media users around the world. New businesses are no longer questioning who their buyer is and what are they interested in, they are questioning what the best channel is to access these buyers through with the vast amount of data available.

Ease the Sales Process

It is important to note, the advanced insights into a buyer’s activities has streamlined lead generation and provided more strategic data-driven campaigns for increasing sales and revenue. The use of AI and predictive analytics highlights what content drives the buyer to a certain product and service and what content is ineffective. Being able to target a lead source whether through a third-party channel, a social network or a piece of content, allows companies to creatively hyper-focus campaigns in a prosperous direction and reduce the overall sales cycle.

Furthermore, the sales team will thrive in developing conversations through the available information gathered within the marketing process when AI solutions are integrated. An enhanced deliverability in support to buyers and previous customers allows for easier identification of key decision makers, pain points and solutions within a general sales process. Reducing manual research prior to engaging with a consumer allows for sales professionals to more frequently and effectively book sales meetings.

Believe it or not, AI integration is quite simple and affordable using externally developed software and platforms that provide the same value as large corporations to small businesses, bloggers, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Applying new technologies can be daunting, however, using various AI tools will allow for your business to develop effective methods. Increasing capabilities for proactively addressing the needs and development of potential and current buyers enhances long-term scalability. Who knew that using social marketing with AI could provide so many benefits to engaging buyers in various of aspects of marketing and sales?