Freelancers looking to expand beyond traditional marketplaces struggle with implementing design that resonates with their intended customers and brand. The option to hire a web developer is usually unexplored due to the assumed expenses. With the overwhelming choices and fees, it’s understandable why a freelancer new to web development may become discouraged in the process of creating the website of their dreams. Fortunately, there are affordable options through Tech Treats, LLC to design and develop a responsive interface that can incorporate a clean information architecture with tags, images, search engine optimization and other components to allow for users to self-qualify and reach your brand.

Understanding the Software and Tools Involved in the Web Development Process

Designing a website requires familiarization with certain tools and programs like dreamer, Photoshop, Jira and other software development management tools. Attacking web development alone can be more expensive in the long-term when considering the software purchases, security suites and hosting platforms required just to get started. When using a seasoned web developer and marketer, there will be a lot less time spent creating a professional website and less money invested in acquiring the right tools and programs.

Tech Treats, LLC saves the headaches of acquiring the knowledge and the resources allowing you to focus on what you want so a clear and consistent design can be developed. Creating a responsive website is vital to the success of your capitalizing on your reach. It’s important to avoid any visual deficiencies, as well as well as misrepresenting information incredibly valuable to your user.

User Experience (UX) Testing Should Not Be Overlooked

User experience (UX) testing, improvement and redesign are a standard protocol followed thoroughly when planning and deploying website projects. This is something that is often overlooked by new website owners soliciting out of the box solutions. Continuous support and site analytics tracking is much easier when engaging outside firms.

Website functionality components are developed and also tested along the way. This ensures all links are properly attached to content and are working as intended. Creating 99% uptime for your website and servers can allow for you to improve interactions and mitigate any risks involved with missed sales due to downtime from lack of training and best practices for web development.

Get Started with a Web Development and Design Expert Today

Web development and design seems easy enough with all the drag and drop tools available. Unfortunately, as freelancers scale to entrepreneurs, they find a new platform is required to maintain quick load time and increased traffic as a business scales. Biting off more than can be chewed is a common theme expert web developers see, resulting in failed websites and expensive redesigns. Getting it right the first time by engaging an expert can save time and money. Interested in discussing upcoming web development projects? Contact Tech Treats, LLC today.