1. 3 Things A Chatbot Can Do For Your Business

    The further into the 21st century we go, the easier it is to create a smart chatbot that can interact similarly to a human. While doing so used to be a complicated endeavor, you can now create a marketing chatbot in a matter of minutes. Tech Treats can help you build a chatbot with our intuitive pla…Read More

  2. Learn What Tech Treats Can Do For Your Business

    Tech Treats is your one-stop-shop for online digital marketing. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we can provide you with the tools your business needs to compete in the 21st century. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing a few key marketing elements that our digital marketing company ca…Read More

  3. Understanding The Value Behind Initiative-Driven App Development

    Understanding the Value Behind Initiative-Driven App Development

    As a small business, it’s understood that each day there are dedicated attempts to meet the needs of users in a manner that encourages both growth and innovation. Working on the business and working in the business can prove difficult when engaging initiative-driven app development projects. An ef…Read More

  4. Common Pitfalls in Marketing a Business

    Approaching marketing without a strategic plan results in unnecessary opportunity costs and significant budget oversight that could have been easily avoided. Once your brand vision and core belief system are established, it is important to consider the common pitfalls in marketing a business and how…Read More

  5. Give Your Business an Edge with Artificial Intelligence

    Give Your Business an Edge with Artificial Intelligence Our perception of artificial intelligence (AI) may be one of the fiction-inspired images of machines and robots completing manual tasks. It seems like a concept for the future, but the future is now. AI has already integrated itself into our li…Read More

  6. Advertising Trends for Small Businesses

    Advertising Trends for Small Businesses Companies have transitioned into new ways of advertising that have had tremendous effects on their sales and success. The advertising industry continues to evolve and bring new ways to bring in new clients and retain old ones. The following advertising trends …Read More

  7. Developing Internal and External Apps for Your Company

    Why would a small business require internal and external applications? And why develop them when there is already a significant amount of applications available for managing outside of the organizations.  If you are a small business looking to scale in the future, acquiring new applications for a m…Read More