During your average workday, you’re going to be busy. How will you have the time to handle all your duties while also communicating effectively with your customers online? Unless you opt to clone yourself (or sign up for our digital marketing services), you’re going to need help.

At Tech Treats, we can provide help that’s competent, polite, and consistent in the form of an artificially intelligent chatbot… and you never have to worry about them calling out sick! Maybe you’re wondering, what is a chatbot? Essentially, a chatbot is a form of artificial intelligence that can imitate human conversations. Instead of answering the same questions over and over, let the business chatbots handle it so you can focus on the big picture. Don’t worry, you don’t need a degree in computer science, because our platform is so intuitive, a high school student could start churning out professional, high-end artificial intelligence chatbots within minutes.

For more information on how a small business chatbot can bring you into the 21st century while providing excellent service for your customers, or to get started, contact us online or by phone today!

Features Of Our Chatbot Services

  • Real-time human takeovers and chatbot/user monitoring
  • Message taking and forwarding
  • GDPR compliant opt-ins
  • Bots can have unlimited FAQs with unlimited utterances
  • Self-training of machine learning algorithm
  • Multi-persona chatbots
  • Cross-channel messaging from one interface
  • Create and send message campaigns which are drip-logic based messages over time, sent based on when someone joins a list

  • Create and send message broadcasts which are one-time messages sent at a specific time to specific users
  • Scheduled message sending
  • Custom small-talk to create own personas for chatbots
  • Messages can contain images, gif, video, links, buttons, templates, and files
  • Persistent menus on live-chat and social channels
  • Communicate through live-chat web chat, embedded on-page, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, SMS
  • Custom design of live-chat and on-page widgets
  • On-page, HTML link triggered live-chat widget

  • Lists and user segmentation
  • User variables like {{ first_name }}
  • GDPR data deletion
  • Dashboards and metrics
  • Real-time inbound/outbound message forwarding and monitoring
  • Multi-role multi-user platform
  • Webhook integration to send data and chatbot actions to any external services
  • API for external use
  • Cross-channel autoresponders

  • Multi-timezone interface
  • LTR and RTL message sending/receiving enabled
  • Global opt-in keywords for people to opt-in, join lists and engage with chatbots
  • Blacklisted words and optional response/don’t respond on detection
  • Outbound notifications via email, slack and FB. In real-time or as digests
  • Customisable chatbots based on functions (i.e. business address, telephone number and opening hours)
  • Automatic FAQ follow-up confirmations
  • FAQ importer to bulk train FAQs
  • Auto-human fallbacks, have the chatbot defer to a human operator

  • Multi-department to enable the chatbot to send specific user requests to specific company departments
  • Online, public-facing demo page for testing and presale
  • No third-party external data processors or controllers
  • All technology proprietary and built in-house
  • 99.95% uptime SLA on all services
  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • Easily scalable to self-hosted solutions as/if required
  • White-labeled dashboard and reporting suite which can be deployed onto your subdomain
  • Built-in link shortener and tracking for measuring link clicking

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