10 Reasons Your Business Should Be Advertising on Google:

  1.  Each day, close to 250 million unique visitors interact with Google ads. (Blog.Hubspot.com)
  2.  More than 650,000 apps serve Google Ads (99Firms.com)
  3.  With Google ads, you can target a specific geographic radius around your business or you can reach out to countries thousands of miles away, you   choose.
  4. Your ads show up right at the time potential customers are searching for your products/services.
  5. Google accommodates virtually any budget.  You can drive potential clients to your website for pennies per click.
  6. With Google’s YouTube TrueView ads you can run videos and not pay a penny unless a customer clicks on the ad or watches at least 30 seconds of your ad.
  7. You can start and stop your ads whenever you want.
  8. Most consumers say that ads impact their purchasing decisions.
  9. Online ads increase brand awareness
  10. Most people have clicked on at least one Google ad


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